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Which is best for you?

Choose the subscription that best suits you. The Flex and Premium subscriptions offer the full Primoforum functionality and allow for an unlimited number of sessions, users and reports. Moreover, you will receive free support over the phone. A Premium subscription saves you € 840 annually

If you only organize meetings every now and then, you might want to opt for a Single Session. This option includes all the Primoforum features. The only difference compared to the subscriptions is that use is limited to only 1 session over the course of 10 days. That means you will have plenty of time to prepare and implement your session and generate a report.


  • Unlimited access for 10 days

    € 145

    For single-time use during a congress or event. 

    Valid for 10 days 


  • Unlimited access

    € 195 monthly

    Want to be flexible without limitations? 

    Pay a monthly fee and the subscription can be cancelled every month.


  • Save € 840 per year!

    € 1.500 annually

    For the professional who wants to be able to use Primoforum at any time.

    You will save € 840 per year.

    Already have a Primoforum account?

    Please note: If you already have a free Primoforum account, then you can easily upgrade it to a Single, Flex or Premium subscription. As soon as your subscription or Single Session expires, your account will immediately be reset to a free account. In other words, your session data will never be lost.

    Some enthusiastic users

    "A great brainstorm session with fellow Humanitas members about the future of our association. I went home feeling recharged."

    Mirthe Biemans


    "Long live interaction! With Primoforum, everyone contributes and remains engaged. And the result is much more nuanced and complete."

    Gerard Boeters

    Stairways Groep

    "If I want to send information, I use Keynote. If I want to get knowledge from a group, I use Primoforum."

    Ruben Zantingh

    Marketing Enzym

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