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The power of Primoforum

5x faster

Quickly and easily prepare question and voting rounds for your session. Because participants can provide input at the same time, you will save a lot of time. And when it is done, you will have a report of the session with a single click. That way, you will work 5 times faster compared to the 'old' way.


Primoforum is much more effective than conventional sessions. Why? Participants securely and anonymously provide their input. Simultaneously, without ranks or seniority positions. This approach gives everyone a voice. Even that quiet person with the brilliant idea.


You want the freedom to improvise. Primoforum is designed to keep you in control of your session. Seamlessly add question and voting rounds, or update them or skip them entirely. And all this as the session is happening, while participants continue talking without interruption. 

Proven to be secure

You want your data to be safe. Data security is a top priority for Primoforum. All data traffic runs through secured connections. And the storage of data and hosting of Primoforum is done by certified data centers in the Netherlands. 

Everyone contributes and stays engaged

"Primoforum is the most powerful tool for moderators and trainers to quickly and effectively and give shape and substance to a brainstorming session, meeting or work conference. You can literally set up your question and voting rounds in a couple of minutes. The session goes by extremely fast, because participants can provide their input directly and simultaneously. I use it for participation meetings, strategy sessions and product innovation, but there are many more possible applications. The biggest benefit is that everyone actively participates and remains engaged. Because in the end, a meeting is not about a tool, but about the content."

Ernst Abbing moderator and initiator Primoforum

Possible applications

Corporate meeting

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Corporate meeting

During one international meeting, Primoforum was used for serious gaming. The question was: what do we know about each other and all the different countries and markets in which we operate? The teams managed to create a rich flow of information in no time.


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Stenden University

Multi-stakeholder session

An architect had to draw up a Plan of Requirements for a new university building. Students, teachers, companies, staff services, neighborhood residents and municipality officials all gathered for a single meeting. Over the course of an afternoon, the same work was done that would previously have taken the architect at least three days.

Citizen participation

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Citizen participation

250 citizens and residents of De Pijp district in Amsterdam were presented with current issues that either caused a problem or presented new opportunities. In a single afternoon, 28 topics were discussed and solutions and ideas were generated. Moreover, at the end of the afternoon all participants were able to submit their votes.

Interactive seminar

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Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Interactive seminar

24 students, divided into 8 groups, were given various assignments through Primoforum. The result: the students were very active and co-operative and the teacher could focus more on the input and spent less time 'broadcasting'. An additional benefit: students were not distracted by their smartphone. Conclusion: quick, fun and educational.

There's more to it than you think


Sort answers based on time or sender


Link a photo, video or website to a question


Get inspired by the extensive question library 


Duplicate session for reuse


Easily categorize answers


Add new questions during a session


Use the timer to guide the rhythm of the session


Share session with other Primoforum users


Allow participants to answers questions using text and images


Choose from 6 different voting methods


Directly create a report in HTML or Excel format


Call attention to yourself with the time-out button

“Finally. An instrument made by users and no complicated nerd-fest of buttons and settings."                             

Edward Hermans


“A brilliant system! There's nothing wrong with Post-its, markers and flip charts. But this is a lot easier and faster. And you receive a report right away. I'm in.”

Niesco Dubbelboer

Agora Europa

"A brilliant tool that significantly contributes to the efficiency and quality of the debate. More people should use Primoforum."

Lenneke Hoedemaker


With a free account, you will have access to all Primoforum features with up to three open question or voting rounds per session. If you wish to extend the session, you may opt for a Primoforum subscription or buy a one-time-use Single Session. A subscription offers you unlimited sessions for an unlimited number of users and devices. Plus you will have access to our Primoforum hotline.

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You can already get started with the devices you and your participants have; laptop, tablet, smartphone, it does not matter. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can get started. You can connect to the Internet either through a Wi-Fi connection or 4G/3G.

What are the benefits?


From the group, enriched by the group


Everyone can participate; everyone is given a voice


Innovative insights and solutions


In making strategic decisions


New products or services

Team spirit

Active and dynamic group process

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