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Is everyone talking at the same time?

With Primoforum this isn't a problem, because everyone contributes to a discussion at the same time. There's no need to wait for others to stop talking. This makes group conversations faster, more dynamic and more interactive.

Is everyone paying attention?

With Primoforum, you ensure that truly everyone is involved and contributes. This results in meetings with 100% focus.

Do the best ideas get lost in the fray?

With Primoforum, the quiet ones—who of course have good ideas too—also get their say. As a result, you get more out of a group discussion.

What question are these yellow post-its related to again?

With Primoforum, you do not have to worry about contributions to group conversations getting lost or becoming unreadable. Everything is neatly sorted in Excel, even before the participants have left the room!

Trouble with alpha males?

With Primoforum, all opinions and ideas are equal. That improves group conversations.

Afraid to admit what you're really thinking?

Primoforum allows you to safely give your opinion in any discussion. As a result, group conversations are no longer just a facade.

Everything goes so much smoother with Primoforum!

  • 5 times faster than conventional group sessions and meetings

  • Everyone is actively involved and remains interested in the topic

  • Everything is documented right away and with the press of a button you a have final report in Excel format

  • Simple to use and easily adaptable to your own work methods

  • Participants experience this workflow as fun, fast and innovative

  • You don't require any special hardware or software, you can get started right away

  • Primoforum allows you to extract knowledge from a group that would otherwise have remained undiscovered

A brilliant system! There's nothing wrong with Post-its, felt-tip pens and flipcharts. But this is a lot easier and faster. And you receive a report right away. I'm in.

Niesco Dubbelboer

Agora Europa

I often work with interactive theater to broach difficult topics. My experience with Primoforum is that it doubles energy and a sense of safety.

Jos Veldhuizen

De Oefenmeesters

Why wasn't there anything like this before!? Primoforum saves time and money!

Babette Leertouwer

Leertouwer Van Dijck & U

What else do you need?

You can already get started with the devices you and your participants have; laptop, tablet, smartphone, it does not matter. You do not have to install any special software.
As long as you have access to the Internet, you are Primoforum-ready.

With a free account, you will have access to all Primoforum features with up to three open questions or voting rounds per session. If you wish to extend the session, you may opt for a Primoforum subscription or buy a Single session. 

Inspiring applications

Heineken International 


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Heineken International

Heineken wants to make international events even more effective and engaging. They are also looking for innovative ways to address a large group of people. After a successful trial period, Heineken International started using Primoforum. The result: lots of strategic ideas that are broadly supported and were established efficiently.

Seminar at the

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

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Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Thanks to Primoforum, students are encouraged to share their ideas. This creates a lot of input, which students can immediately reply to. Primoforum ensures active interaction between all students, instead of always relying on the same confident students. Thanks to this approach and the discussion that arises, the material has a much greater impact. And is that now what education is really about?

Mega brainstorm with

MEE & De Wering

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Mega brainstorm

MEE & De Wering

During a brainstorming session with more than 100 people, a concrete outcome or compromise had to be achieved. That is where Primoforum came in. Enormous steps were taken after just a single session. By discussing matters in a group-oriented way and creating a proper structure, the goals set in advance were quickly achieved. Primoforum saves time and money!

Marketing Enzym

focus group session 

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Focus group 

Marketing Enzym

How many organizations truly know what their customers are thinking? Marketing Enzym uses Primoforum during focus group sessions in which it brings its customers' customers together to discover more about their habits, wishes and needs. The resulting discussions and insights result in a clear customer profile and are highly informative for managers, marketers and executives.

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