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In your experience, does everyone speak up at the same time during a group meeting? With Primoforum that isn't a problem, because everyone contributes to a discussion simultaneously. There's no need to wait for others to stop talking. Everyone is equal.

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Primoforum is fast, easy and efficient

Primoforum is a powerful, innovative tool to quickly and easily facilitate group sessions of any size. Participants actively contribute using a tablet or smartphone. Primoforum allows you to brainstorm, share knowledge, set priorities and define actions. Everyone is equal, everyone gets a chance to speak. Best of all: Primoforum requires no special software installation.

"Our ideeënfabrieken have become a lot more fun and substantial since we started using Primoforum. Everyone is involved and people are not afraid to express their opinions."

Wouter Welling, Positief Links

"Primoforum has the potential to be as essential to workshop facilitators now as the metaplan boards were in the past. It's more than just an application."

Albert Zeeman,

author Marketingplan Today

"I use this tool to help clients to set priorities together with their stakeholders. Primoforum is fast and leads to enthusiasm and support from both dominant and quiet participants."

Joris Timmerman, Regioplan

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Once upon a time...

Not that long ago, there was an organization that regularly held meetings between heads and chiefs and customers and suppliers. Their aim was to make smart plans and sensible decisions. These meetings were always long and difficult, with a lot of shouting, arguments and people barely listening. Although the meetings always resulted in a plan, this plan was often insufficient and had to be adjusted. This kept on happening. Year in, year out; rinse and repeat.

Until one day, a man with a tiny wooden briefcase entered the room and told them that the suitcase contained a solution to their problems. Somewhat suspicious, they listened to his story. Because he was able to answer all their complicated questions, they allowed him to demonstrate his method.

During the next meeting with all heads, chiefs, customers and suppliers, they used the new method from the briefcase. Instead of two days and nights of arguments, they came up with a beautiful plan that everyone was happy with and contributed to after a single morning. And the organization continued to prosper for a very long time.

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